drill : 侧重进行有系统的,严格和重复的练习,尤指军事训练。

In some of these schools, army-style drills are used to instil a sense of discipline. 这些学校中有一些利用军训来培养纪律观念。 a spelling/pronunciation drill 拼写/发音练习 exercise : 主要指为强壮体魄而进行的锻炼,也可指进行练习以保持已经获得的技巧。

Swimming is my favourite form of exercise. 我最喜欢的锻炼方式是游泳。 You really should take more exercise. 你真的应该多进行体育锻炼。 I do stomach exercises most days. 大多数时候我做锻炼腹肌的运动。 practice : 指把所学的理论或知识用于实践以获得技艺与技巧。

I need to get some more practice before I take my driving test. 考驾照前我还得再练练。 Are you coming to choir practice this evening? 今晚的合唱训练你来吗? She’s never at home because she spends all her free time at hockey practices. 她从来都不在家,因为她把所有的空闲时间都用在练习曲棍球上了。 You’ll gradually get better at it - it’s just a question of practice. 你慢慢会更熟练的——这只是个练习问题。 I’m a little out of practice (= I haven’t had any recent experience) but I’d love to play. 我最近没怎么练习,但我愿意参加。 Do you mind if I have a few practice shots before we start the game? 开赛前我练几下投篮你介意吗? training : 普通用词,泛指为从事某种职业而进行的身体或智力方面的训练。

a training course 培训课程 a teacher-training college 师范学院 New staff have/receive a week’s training in how to use the system. 新员工要接受为期一周的计算机使用培训。 discipline : 既可指训练又可指为达到某种熟练程度而进行的约束。

parental/military/school discipline 父母的训导/军事训练/校规 There should be tougher discipline in schools. 学校的纪律应该更严一些。 I don’t have enough (self) discipline to save money. 我总是控制不住自己花钱的欲望。